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(Seng Her)


Bring your family and come ride with us. We will meet every Saturday when schedule and weather permit, at around 9am or 3pm and ride for about 4-6 hours.  We usually returned by 3pm or 9pm. Typically, we will meet somewhere in the twin cities area or a place predetermined by the group organizer and ride on one of it's trails.


We each will pack small snacks and drinks and when we reach our destination, we will have a small picnic and rest a little, then ride back. There is no requirement on what you can and can't ride, as long as it is permitted by law. Some of us ride electric scooters, some will ride electric bikes, some will ride regular bikes. Ride what you want. The idea is to have people come out, enjoy each other's company, enjoy nature and get some exercise done.This is not a "race" ride, but rather it is a casual, relaxing ride, so the whole family can join in and you don't have to be a member of this group or a member of our church to come ride with us.  Everyone is welcome, we would love to have you ride with us!

We have fellowship with one another and help pray for one another. Before and after each ride, we always pray and thank God for His creation for us to enjoy and that we are very thankful for the opportunity for us to ride together. If anyone needs prayer, we are always available to pray for you.

So, come join us and ride with us!


Location will be announced by group leader.

Starts 8/10/2019

Every Saturday @ 9am or 3pm

*Group biking activities are postponed due to winter. We will try to ride again when the whether is warmer. But new members can still join this group.


(Tommy Yang)

You want to make new friends in church? Grow closer to God while doing fun activities? Come to our meetings!

We have fellowship with one another and help pray for one another, before and after our events. Playing activities while hanging out and fellowship can bring a lot of good mental, physical and spiritual growth! We will always pray and thank God for loving and caring for us. If anyone needs prayer, we will always pray for you.

This group is for guys and it doesn't matter what age you are, you are more than welcome to join us. The group size is unlimited, so if you have family or friends invite them to join our gatherings  You don't have to be a church member to join our events, but if you are interested and want information we are always happy to accept new members!

Keep in mind, this life group is for guys only! My apologies ladies! Fellas who enjoy the outdoors and want to spend time with church members should come to enjoy time together. You do not need to be a pro to join the group! This group's purpose is getting you to be fit in body, mind and heart. This group does have some activity that will bring your body towards the goal of healthiness. For this group, activities will be voted and decided on the group private chat. We can have such activities like fishing, basketball, hiking, soccer, barbeque,  bonfire night, camping, etc.

We also encourage all gentlemen to join us and help with sharing of your knowledge, wisdom, history, and life lessons. We should take advantage of this opportunity in sharing life lessons with each other. Today's society can be pretty corrupt and it's up to us Hmong American to stick together and help each other out with our history,  "The Way of Hmong". It is never too late because we still have a chance to learn and grow! So let's get to know these intelligent and wise men, the OGs, listen to there stories during activities, grow our bonds together, and take their wisdom and apply it to our lives. Thank you for your time, hope to see you soon! God bless you.


Location will be announced by group leader along with time

Starts 9/28/2019

Every second Saturday

MAIN SERVICE: Sundays @ 3:00 PM



Sundays @ 1:30 PM



2425 White Bear Ave. N.

Maplewood, MN 55109

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