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Find connections. Grow in your faith. Make a difference.

What is a Lifegroup

As our church grows bigger, we also have to grow smaller.

The purpose of a Lifegroup is to bring people into community. We believe that we can be stronger when we have strong relationships and fellowship with one another.

Life can bring many obstacles and challenges and that is why Lifegroups exist: to make connections, to help and learn from one another, and pray for each other.

Lifegroups can consist of just a few people or many people and will meet at different times depending on the group's schedule.

Want to become a Lifegroup Leader?

Leading a group is simple—choose a topic that interests you and select a time and location to meet.

This is a great opportunity to serve, connect, share and develop your faith and relationship with your brothers and sisters in Christ.


Steps to become a lifegroup leader:


1. Complete online Lifegroup application and pass a background check

2. Wait for approval

3. After approval, finish the online training on how to be a Lifegroup leader

4. Check out our Lifegroup Launch Guide for ideas for your next group

5. Personally invite people to your Lifegroup

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